Saturday, July 26, 2008


Self expression is a bitch, especially when you're fully aware of what you wish to express, but can't grasp the method of speaking it.

Really round-about way to describe an old cliche and a state of mind. I have no issue with ideas, it's getting them off my head and onto the medium that isn't as easy. I've been taught, even told, exactly what to do. Somehow it never actually gets done the way it should. It sure as hell comes, but never in the exact way it's supposed to.


Naturally, the thing that has taught me thus far in how to create may be retiring soon, which leads me to the conclusion that complete failure, breakdown and disambiguation is nigh. Pulling down a self made and self appointed castle is more difficult than razing the oppositions'. A castle in itself is annoying enough; weapons of siege are hard to come by for cheap in this day and age. Also, I doubt the Americanskis would be willing to let some of those tasty 155mm mortars into my possession, monetary concerns aside.

Maybe I should just pay more attention to the obituaries. Slightly less depressing.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Disturbing developments

So, back on the World of Warcrack. God damnit.

Job's ending soon as well, so no more cashy cash. Times are looking lean.

Maybe I should eat something other than chocolate.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


See, this is something interesting.

The band got Metallica's New Song tabbed from live footage and recordings, then recorded it, studio style. The results are satisfactory. Blends a lot of what I thought was good of their whole career; mixing old and new elements and such.