Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Few days, actually. Left until school, that is.

At least I have this spanky new MacBook Pro, which contains more power than I will need for school, but was bought under those auspices anyway. Thus far, I haven't used it for anything even vaguely educational, which is oddly satisfying.

I suppose one would call it a "small comfort" compared to the looming specter of college. I'm probably being a whiny bitch, but school has never given me anything except grief and another thing to waste my time with. It isn't as if I won't go, I just doubt I'll even come close to enjoying it.

Maybe I'll just play games on the college's wireless network all day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Press record

I have two videos on YouTube, and they're not about my friends and me doing something inanely stupid.

They're down below, if you want a look. Check my account page on YouTube for the one or two more that I have.

In memoriam

This sucks.

This does not make for good times.

As odd as Bernie Mac was, he definitely made me laugh. His last hours did not sound like fun at all. I won't quote them here, but one can find them around the internet.

I'm sure he'll be missed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


This is interesting. I would call it "good," even.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The end of one tale...

My tenure at a job has ended, finally. It has been over one year of working, and I've grown tired of the job and will now move along. The month of August is and will be, as they say, my oyster.

As for September, not only will I celebrate the passing of another year since the day I was born, but I will also be mourning the loss of my free time; I've heard college eats free time for every meal of the day. Sometimes even snacks. I'm fully and completely screwed.

But I'm getting educated.

On a side, and vaguely interesting note, I will be posting some project pictures of a device I'm working on. It used to be a cassette-carrier in the form of a suitcase. You know, cassettes? Tapes? Music? Never mind, you're all too young..whatever, this device is being recycled for my own personal uses. Pictures and updates will follow, once it gets started.

Also, I will be busy for the next three days; not like anyone will notice, but the world requires the information anyway.